Continued Adventures in Losing

It’s been 10 weeks since I last blogged about my weight. At that point, I was four weeks in and had dropped my first six or so kilograms. I’d had it surprisingly easy; my average weekly weight (probably the most useful statistic the Fitbit Aria provides) was dropping by an average 1.3 KG a week. Since then, things have been more frustrating. I’m still losing weight, but at a much lower rate than I was before; 0.5 KG (1 and a bit pounds) a week .

I suppose the easy wins couldn’t keep coming. I’d burned off the fat that had only really appeared in the preceding six months. Now I’m working on losing the fat I’ve worn for many years. But it’s coming off, slowly. My methods are much the same as before – I’ve barely touched cheese since Christmas (is this really living?) and white bread has been a similarly rare treat. But I can’t complain too much – part of the reason for the slowdown has been a sudden glut of reasons to go out for a meal.

A chart showing how much weight I've lost.
More wiggling, but a continuing downward trend.

The trigger for this self-congratulatory post was me hitting my next target, 83.1 KG. Not just 12 KG less than the highest weight I recorded, 83.1 KG is the borderline between a “Healthy” BMI and an “Overweight” BMI for someone of my height. Which means if anyone calls me tubso now, I can throw that back in their factually-inaccurate faces. It also means that by the time you read this, I’ll have had my breakfast. Unless it weighed less than 100g (unlikely) I’ll have fallen back into the “Overweight” category, and I have no recourse against anyone calling me a fatty. So, the weight loss must continue for a while yet.

I haven’t yet decided where I want my final weight to be. I’ll be setting my next target as 80 KG, which seems like a nice round figure (which is something I plan not to have lol rofl dietjokes), but after that I don’t know. At some point, I’ll have to do the really difficult thing; stop losing weight, but also not gain it back. Not quite yet, though.

83.0 KG – 21.1% body fat – BMI 25.0