This blog post is late, because I was putting it off. I was putting it off because, despite naming the project SLIMJIM, I’ve put on weight over the last six months. I was hoping for a turnaround that has not come, giving me a positive to write up. That said, I’ve dug into the data and think I’ve found a bright side.

My average weight chart, which looks like someone who can’t keep the weight off

My weight is now hovering around 86KG. It’s been stable there for about two months, after slowly rising from the point at which I last wrote. I chalked this up to not eating right over the summer holidays, then Christmas. But that didn’t feel quite right. Since adopting Tycho the Miniature Schnauzer at the end of October, I’ve been walking a hell of a lot more, 30% more year on year according to my Fitbit activity data. My diet contains more takeaways and pies than this time last year, but I’m still well up on the fruit and veg compared to pre-SLIMJIM. I couldn’t explain it.

The other shoe dropped earlier this week, when the thought crossed my mind that I was seeing “19%” a lot more in the body fat alert on my Fitbit Aria. It has always been an occasional thing as the reading seems to fluctuate quite a bit, but I usually showed 20-21%. I ripped the data out of Fitbit’s webapp and assembled myself a spreadsheet, which always makes me feel better. This one doubly so, as it showed that I’m not getting fatter. The mass I’m gaining must be muscle, I guess? From the walking and the Milo of Croton-style puplifting I’ve been doing.

Fat not exactly rising, everything else on the rise.

On the one hand, this is a big relief. I’m not gaining fat. I’m gaining muscle, which feels like it has to be a positive. But swole was not the goal. My previous weight targets were informed by my assumption that as a fairly normal non-athlete, getting my BMI into the “healthy” window of 69 to 83KG was the right move. Now I’m getting healthier while my BMI is rising back to the middle of the “overweight” category? That doesn’t feel right.

Don’t be fooled by the sleepy look, he’s an excellent calorie-burning assistant

It’s difficult to decide where I should go from here. That lean mass chart doesn’t look like it’s levelling off yet, and as Tycho gets bigger and can handle longer walks I can’t imagine that my activity levels are going to drop as we go into spring. I think I’m going to try and lower my body fat weight (currently around 17KG), and hopefully this will offset my MASSIVE GAINZ.

85.2KG – 20.4% body fat – 25.7 BMI